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With the holiday season on its way, Ontario, OR residents are starting to plan for the festivities. For most, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other seasonal holidays bring with them a mix of both celebration and stress. Cannabis users have the tools at their disposal to have a better time than most during the winter holidays.

‘Tis the Season for Recreational Marijuana

As long as cannabis enthusiasts consume responsibly, there’s never a bad time to smoke a little marijuana or take some edibles. Research shows that for serious stoners, the holidays bring some extra joy and cheer. Most cannabis users up their consumption by 26 to 39 percent.

Some cannabis smokers increase consumption during the holidays in response to stress. Others just want to add a little extra holiday cheer or enjoy extra joints with friends. After family events, many Oregonians like to partake to help them unwind. There’s nothing wrong with this trend, as it can make the holidays even more enjoyable.

Statistically speaking, younger cannabis lovers are more likely to increase their consumption during the holiday season than older smokers. There’s no one reason for this trend. College students may have more time to relax and hang out with friends while they’re on a break, while younger workers in the retail industry sometimes increase their marijuana use because it helps them unwind after especially stressful days at work. There’s no wrong reason to use cannabis this holiday season.

Celebrate a Shared Love of Pot

For those who share a love of cannabis with friends and family members, there’s a second reason to check the ontario oregon dispensary menu before the holidays. Bringing enough cannabis to share with loved ones can make anyone the life of the party, and marijuana lovers are always looking for something new. To take things one step further, why not buy loved ones cannabis-themed gifts this year?

Stash jars, rolling trays, and well-crafted pipes all make fantastic gifts for stoners. In Oregon and other states with legal recreational marijuana, high-end cannabis-infused chocolate, honey, or novelty products also make great gifts. Some head shops and dispensaries also offer seasonal deals, which is good news for both gift-givers and customers who want to bulk up their personal stashes. Just make sure to stock up before the seasonal rush.

Tips for Holiday Cannabis Use

While Oregon has some of the laxest recreational marijuana laws in the country, not everyone is on board with cannabis use. Plenty of stoners get stuck dealing with conservative family members every year. They can avoid unwanted confrontations by taking the time to brush up on cannabis etiquette.

Tip #1: Be Discreet

Unless the family gathering is full of other social smokers, there’s no need to bring the dankest, most aromatic bud. Instead, think about stocking up on THC vape cartridges or take an edible instead of smoking. These products don’t have the same pungent aroma, so they’re less likely to draw the ire of conservative relatives.

Tip #2: Know How to Talk About Pot

Some stoners take a different approach by using holiday gatherings with their families as an opportunity to get them on board with marijuana. Learn how to talk about cannabis with less-than-receptive loved ones in advance. It can increase the chances of almost inevitably awkward conversations leading to a change in attitude.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Strains

Even if everyone at the party is a cannabis connoisseur, there’s little sense in stocking up on indicas. Bring high-energy sativas or hybrids for sharing and personal use. They’re much better for festive occasions. Those who plan to share their favorite new strains with friends should be considerate of the fact that not everyone is a daily pot smoker. Infrequent cannabis users may feel more comfortable using lighter-duty strains that won’t produce overwhelming effects, so pick up one or two of those along with more potent ones.

Tip #4: Travel Smart

Those planning to leave town for family gatherings should exercise caution. Don’t try to bring anything but federally legal CBD products on planes, and never drive while high. No one wants to spend the holidays in jail or get a call about bailing out a loved one on Christmas Eve.

Tip #5: Plan Some Post-Gathering Self-Care

Already know that big family gathering is going to be stressful? Plan some time for post-festivity self-care. It’s easier at home, but even those heading out of town to visit relatives can pick up some discreet cannabis products to use after the party. Set aside some time for relaxing post-festivity activities like meditation, taking a bath, or just watching a favorite movie and pick up indica-heavy strains to make it easier to unwind.

Tip #6: Throw a Weed-Themed Holiday Event

Have a lot of friends who smoke a lot of weed? There’s no reason cannabis smokers can’t plan on attending or even hosting multiple holiday parties, or small-scale events. Having the chance to get together with like-minded friends and exchange gifts or watch a Christmas-themed movie while sharing a bowl can make the holiday season feel more festive. Plus, it can help to make up for other more awkward and obligatory gatherings.

Make Good Memories With Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Few Oregonians have the luxury of purely enjoyable holiday seasons. There’s almost always at least a little stress involved, whether it comes from unpleasant but obligatory interactions with family members or trouble finding the perfect gift. Remember to focus on the good, not the bad, and create some happy memories this holiday season.

Using cannabis to heighten enjoyment at a party or manage stress during event planning is a great way to make the most out of the holidays. Instead of fixating on getting everything perfect, try to appreciate all those cherished moments with loved ones. What’s most important isn’t finding the perfect gift. It’s forming connections with others.

Choose a Farm to Market Dispensary

Looking for the best cannabis products to help get through the holidays? Check out Burnt River Farms Cannabis Co. dispensary. As one of the largest producers of flower and single-source extracts in Oregon, they have everything cannabis consumers need this holiday season.