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Burnt River Farms is a vertically integrated “Farm to Market” Cannabis company situated in Eastern Oregon.

Your Best Friend, Burnt River Farms!

It’s our mission to provide outstanding customer service in a welcoming shopping environment and to produce a connoisseur grade product that can be passed along to the customer at an affordable price.

Our cultivation, extraction, packaging and distribution operations are located locally, we only use sunlight and organic growing practices to produce over 25 cultivars of the highest quality craft cannabis Oregon has to offer. We are also one of the largest producers of strain specific, single source extracts in the state. We only use BRF flower as starting material ensuring that our “soil to oil” extracts are terpene rich and of the highest clarity.

All Burnt River Farms products are packaged and distributed from our local facility ensuring that only products that meet our rigorous in-house quality control standards makes it to the consumer.

Our Process

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The Farm

Burnt River Farms was founded in 2016 with a small team of just five employees in Oregon, it’s now grown larger then we could’ve ever have imagined.


The Kitchen

The commercial kitchen takes the concentrates and use them in a variety of ways to make fresh daily batches of some delicious edibles for sale in our dispensary.  Our selection of edibles vary throughout the year and can include cookies, gummies, mints, chocolates and more.

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The Lab

The extraction room is located next door to our commercial kitchen and houses some of our most high tech equipment.  Our extraction lab technicians maintain strict quality control guidelines throughout the extraction process to ensure a finished product that is high in cannabinoids and completely free of contaminants.