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A group of female friends sit on the ground outside wearing jeans, long sleeved tops, while smiling and talking on a sunny day.

Since Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, more locals and visitors than ever are choosing to partake. There are a few reasons recreational cannabis has become so popular in Ontario, OR, and beyond. They range from improved access to decreased social stigma.

No matter why someone decides to start using cannabis, there will come a time when the novelty of it wears off. Just smoking marijuana won’t alleviate boredom, so it’s wise to have a plan for what to do after smoking. Read on to find out about a few healthy, productive activities that are best performed while using cannabis.


Sometimes, just having a good discussion with friends is enough to stay occupied, and marijuana can facilitate some excellent conversations for social people. It can increase enthusiasm about otherwise dull subjects and encourage creative thinking. Just expect to go off on a lot of tangents, because recreational marijuana can dull a users’ sense of verbal memory, which makes it hard to keep track of what people are talking about.


There’s nothing better than sitting down to write a story, paint a picture, or even design a new garden after taking a few puffs of marijuana. Cannabis use can help with problems like writer’s block and encourage people to daydream about new possibilities. Making art of any sort is more enjoyable while high and can be easier thanks to the shift in thinking that occurs after smoking marijuana.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply only to professional artists. Anyone can sit down with a paintbrush and a joint. This activity can be performed either alone or with friends and it comes with the added benefit of expanding horizons and leaving smokers with proof of their productivity. If you need inspiration for getting creative, a great suggestion would be Farewell Bend State Recreation Area!


Hiking is one of the best forms of ontario recreation available to locals and visitors whether they use cannabis or not. Hiking while stoned can be an even more enjoyable way to commune with nature, see new places, and get in some healthy exercise as a bonus.

Hiking in nature can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improve cardiovascular function. To get maximum effects from this fun hobby, find a natural space instead of walking down city streets. Seeing trees, plants, birds, and critters lets people get in touch with nature and get the exercise they need. Check out Ontario State Recreation Site which provides all of these features, and then some!


Want an excuse to try out a new recipe? Buy or learn how to make some cannabutter or marijuana-infused oil and start experimenting. Baking marijuana edibles or cooking pot-infused meals isn’t just a great way to satisfy the munchies, it can also encourage people to eat healthier.

Just don’t forget to make some non-marijuana-infused goodies, too. The more cannabis people consume, the more likely it is that they’ll wind up dealing with the munchies, and eating more THC edibles isn’t always the best solution. It’s easy enough to mix up the dry ingredients for a batch of cookies and bake half with cannabutter and half with regular butter.


Reading can be a very rewarding activity, at least for those who love sitting down with a good book on an otherwise boring day. Reading while stoned can help stories come alive and make it easier for readers to dig deeper into interesting subjects. There’s no wrong genre or type of book to read while high. Just choose a book that’s attention-grabbing enough to make it possible to remain focused even while puffing on a joint. Beck-Kiwanis Park offers a lot of quiet space to sit down to a good book without bother.


Both meditation and yoga are great stress relievers on their own. Smoking marijuana can make it easier to get in the right frame of mind for deep meditation. It alters smokers’ sense of time, which can make it easier to relax and focus, and encourages those who love to be alone to embrace that contemplative silence. Use this time as an opportunity to pour over thoughts or clear the mind and think of nothing at all. Head to Malheur River with your favorite book to really soak in the beauty and relaxation of Ontario.


Just because a lot of stoners are stuck at home doesn’t mean they can’t have spa days. For those with a bathtub, taking a hot bath infused with essential oils or bath salts, putting on some relaxing music, and pampering themselves is a great way to spend any boring day. Don’t forget that self-care is an essential aspect of maintaining optimal health and wellness, so it’s worth taking the time to prepare for a home spa day.


With everything going on, it can be hard to maintain social connections with friends and family members. Not everyone likes making phone calls while stoned, but sitting down to write a heartfelt letter can be a great alternative. Creatively minded people can even add in some sketches or poetry. It’s a great way to pass some time and foster social connections. Just try to take the time to edit the letter while sober.


Some strains of marijuana are perfect for enhancing productivity and making it more enjoyable to perform routine household tasks. Given how important it is to support healthy immune function right now, buckling down, smoking a bowl, and breaking out the mop is a great way to stay occupied on a boring day. It will also come with the added benefit of improving the mental health of everyone who lives in the house.


Everyone has different hobbies, interests, and preferences. Some people find that marijuana makes them more social and prefer spending time strengthening their connections with friends or family members. Others find that they prefer solo activities.

Anyone who uses cannabis near boise can benefit from having a plan in place before lighting up a joint, though, because it’s easier to stay motivated and on track, while high if there’s a set plan for how to spend those pleasant hours. Looking for a reliable source of high-quality recreational cannabis? Burnt River Farms Cannabis Co. has become a go-to for marijuana aficionados in Ontario, Oregon, and the surrounding area, so give them a try.