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Not your average Q-Tip!

Glob Mops

Are you like me and love a clean non-chazzed (When someone crusts out your banger or nail and wrecks your quartz….) banger before every dab? That way all your terpenes are fully intact for your precious palate party to begin. If you are like me, and you have been searching for the right product to keep your amazing collection of MJ beautiful Arsenal Bangers, Terp Slurpers and Pearls clean and looking glorious then look no further because we are at Burnt River Farms have the product for you. The creator of this product worked tirelessly to tweak an existing product to give you this work of art.

Introducing the Glob Mop XL 2.0!

The name is a mouth full, but you can simply call them Glob Mops for short, but don’t you dare call this a Q-Tip. This is the evolution of the Q-Tip. This is the child that grows up to be bigger and stronger than their parents. This is not your average Q-Tip, this is a Mop. This wonderful little tool of magic is here to erase all the sticky residue left behind by your most recent and brilliant decision to smoke your favorite Burnt River Farms concentrates such as the infamous Squish Rosin which people have said to be hundreds of people’s favorite Solventless in Eastern Oregon. If you have not tried it head on down to the one and only Burnt River Farms in Ontario, Oregon.

This small but mighty piece of equipment eloquently named a Glob Mop has become my second-best friend in my daily dabbing experience – with PUFFCO’s Hot Knife being my first of course. If you do not know what a PUFFCO Hot Knife is, then head on over to our website and check out our new article written by yours truly. It will inform you on all things Hot Knife, I digress. The point being is that I find it hard to go without this tool. After each dab, I grab my magic Mop and rub it all around the affected area of the banger, and in seconds BOOM! Good as new!

What are they made of?

These little Glob Mops are wonderful wands made by Glob Mops right here in the United States of America which these days is hard to find and should be supported, when possible, a great reason to support Glob Mops. Another great reason is the construction, these Mops are made to withstand some pressure. It is easier for you to get your quartz and glass cleaner than ever. They are made from a Panda’s favorite snack; you are right you guessed it! BAMBOO! With Bamboo, you get sustainability and durability, and they are compostable within 2-6 months. Glob Mops are made with 100% Biodegradable products from the stick to the cotton.

They are made of pure 100% cotton on the ends, these tips are made of seriously strong cotton fibers that do not fray or unravel while cleaning. They do not leave fibers behind like traditional Q-Tips. Trust me, if I forget to pick up my Glob Mops at Burnt River Farms. I end up trying to use my wife’s conventional Q-Tips, and I regret my decision every time without fail. There are two sides to each Mop one side is your “normal” rounded end like you see on other Q-Tips. On the other end, you have a slight point that makes it easier to clean those tighter corners, I barely use alcohol.

Where to find it?

Packs of Glob Mops come with three hundred Mops and in a nice sturdy plastic travel container that I throw in my backpack any time I am heading to a Sesh. You can use one Glob Mop multiple times! Especially if you are not takin’ half gram dabs like my friend Harry. They will last you an extremely long time that is if you are not being a Harry, Sorry Harry. Not to mention they are already incredibly affordable at only $6 a pack with no tax at Burnt River Farms on 1055 NW. Washington Ave in Ontario, Oregon. The value is incredible, and you will be back repeatedly. I use these after every day on my PUFFCO Peak, Dr. Dabber Evo Boost, RIO Stache with E-nail, and soon on my PUFFCO Proxy.


Glob Mops when paired with your favorite device whether that be a classic glass MJ Arsenal Piece or one of them fancy new electronic thingamajiggers like the Evo Boost or the brand-new Proxy are out of this world. If you have your trusty side kick the Glob Mop with you, you will be in safe, secure, and clean hands. Glop Mops are hard to beat and without them, you can have leftover oil residue, oxidation, or those annoying cotton fibers left by other interferer Q-Tips. Glob Mops help prevent oxidation if you use them after each dab. By using a Glob, you avoid chazzing up that special banger!

A Glob Mop is the only way I will finish cleaning the hash oil out of my rig – it is like the cherry on top of my banana split ice cream sundae, and you cannot have a banana split ice cream sundae with a cherry, can you?


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