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Hands with well manicured nails cup together to hold lovely green dried cannabis ready to use or store.

With the legalization of cannabis in Oregon, gone are the days of storing cannabis in ways solely to keep it hidden. Now, people are more concerned with keeping their cannabis fresh for as long as realistically possible. Cannabis is an investment in a person’s lifestyle, so ensuring that it is preserved to keep its positive attributes at their best is essential. Whether the object is to maintain the potency, flavor, or smoothness, there are some general tips to ensure the cannabis products are all kept safe and remain at their peak. If preservation strategies are followed precisely, the cannabis will remain at its peak until you are ready to use it.


Before we discuss how to protect your product, it is important to understand what it is being protected from. Four main contributors will degrade your cannabis: light, moisture, temperature, and air. Exposure to sunlight is one of the most destructive threats to the potency of weed. This exposure to light can be compared to a person being exposed to light for too long—it can cause burns. In the case of marijuana, these burns cause a loss of potency.

Moisture is also an enemy of cannabis. Too much or the wrong kind of water can cause mold and other organism growth on the product. This will not only cause a loss of physical appearance but also things like flavor and smell. Too high or too low of temperatures can ruin this type of plant just as it can any other kind. Either degree in weather extremes can cause the potency and natural moisture that you want to dry up. Air is the last adversary that will be discussed. Too much airflow will cause degradation, and too little can cause mildew and mold. So, what are the best ways to protect weed from these environmental factors?


Most anyone who has ever bought recreational marijuana has either already purchased a storage container or, at the very least, contemplated purchasing one. Are the containers beneficial to the storage process, and if so, what types are the best? The items for storage can range from inexpensive to very costly and from outlandish to quite simple.

The most effective storage for marijuana is in vacuum-sealed bags. Although the average person does not have a vacuum sealer lying around the house, they are more easily obtained than in previous years through online resources such as Amazon. This type of storage keeps all four factors away, including light, moisture, temperature, and air.

If a vacuum sealer is not readily available, then a glass container is the next-best option. Plastic containers can create unwanted moisture that can contaminate the product with mold. Glass containers can seal in the weed and keep condensation from getting inside with the product. There are various glass containers to use. Glass mason jars, usually used for canning vegetables, are an inexpensive and easily accessible option. There are also more-expensive glass containers that are made specifically for the storage of cannabis. There is a wide variety of items online that are considered airtight and could be used for this type of storage.


Now that it is determined what the best types of storage containers are so that the weed is not just lying around, what is the best environment in a household to store it? Most mildews and molds grow the best in temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, so it would stand to reason that cannabis should be kept below 77 degrees, but how cold is too cool? Most experts agree that the best temperature for storage is between 32 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

To ensure that the temperature does not rise, it is best not to store cannabis beside appliances or other electronics that produce heat. On the other end of the temperature spectrum, excessive cold can also cause damage, so storing in a freezer is not recommended. Keeping any excess humidity away from the stash is paramount. Keeping it away from any water source such as sinks, tubs, washing machines is always recommended. The most conducive environment for the storage of weed would be a cool, dry, dark place. There are always different variations for storage depending on the type of cannabis purchased. Be sure to ask one of budtenders at our Ontario Dispesnary if you need help selecting a container.


There are numerous products that can be purchased to carry weed with you while traveling, whether it’s short or long distances. Here in Oregon, where the recreational use of cannabis is completely legal, the hidden aspect of storage is not as applicable. Storage is more for ease and protection. Most of the time, the dispensary product wrapping is not intended for storage for an extended period of time but rather to get from point A, near Exit 374 in Oregon, to point B. Small, zip-lock storage bags can be used for travel. It would not be recommended to leave the weed in the bag for a long period of time for the reasons described above, but it will make it easy to take a bud to your friend’s house.

There are various types of things, such as carbon-lined purses or clutches and locking stash bags, that can be used to store for travel to concerts and other events where a larger amount needs to be taken and kept safe from being stolen or lost. It is important to keep in mind that none of them are recommended for long-time storage.

Cannabis can be considered a fragile substance. It must be grown under optimum conditions to achieve maximum potency. Great lengths are gone to achieve the perfect combination of light, water, and air for growth. Those lengths must also be sought for proper storage, but in reverse. Limit the exposure to light, water, and air. If these tips are followed, you can be sure the cannabis will be as perfect as the day it was purchased.