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A black cannabis oil bottle with a dropper top lays upon three beautifully green leaves from various cannabis plants.

The legalization of marijuana, especially for medicinal purposes, has given way to people being curious about exactly what forms of the substance they are legally allowed to have. The basis of marijuana comes from the cannabis plant, and there are various agents in the plant that users should be aware of. Two of the compounds found in the plant are cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-active agent, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is an active agent. In other words, the first agent does not produce a high while the latter agent will produce the high sensation that people feel with marijuana. There is a farm to market company that supplies cannabis near ontario for those customers who are interested in getting a high quality, safe product. Keep reading for a look at the major differences between the two compounds found in the cannabis plant.


Cannabidiol is a popular agent that is sold in various forms throughout the United States, and the legal concerns are not necessary since the agent will not cause a user to get high. The CBD can be extracted from the plant known as hemp as well as from marijuana. The great thing about the hemp plant is that it contains less than 0.3 percent of the agent that causes a person to get a “buzz” or get high. CBD is sold in the form of oils, supplements, gels, extracts, gummies, teas, and other substances. CBD is bought for its many known medicinal qualities, as it may potentially help people who suffer from chronic pain, people who have seizures, and people who suffer from migraines. Because CBD doesn’t induce a high, it is attractive to a wide range of people.


Tetrahydrocannabinol is the agent that many people are wanting when they are looking for a “feel-good” sensation, especially those who use marijuana recreationally. This agent is also found in hemp and marijuana, like its cousin (CBD), but it is in a higher concentration in marijuana. THC is also sold in the same forms as CBD. Since this agent causes a high, there are legal issues that need to be addressed in some states except when a doctor has prescribed it for medicinal purposes. A person who wants to use THC should check with his or her state to see what the legal requirements are for the use of the agent.


The main thing people need to know about the differences in CBD and THC is that the first agent interacts with the parts of the body that may decrease inflammation while the latter agent interacts with the parts of the body that creates a high feeling. Both may possibly reduce pain and inflammation in the body but have different approaches as to how it is done. How these agents react in the body has to do with two receptors in the body, the first being a CB1 receptor and the second being a CB2 receptor. The CB1 triggers responses in the central nervous system, which affects the brain and the spinal cord. The CB2 triggers the peripheral nervous system, leading to the parts that control inflammation in the body. Those are the differences that consumers should be aware of.


In Oregon, the recreational use of marijuana is permissible to those who are of legal age, and with certain limitations as prescribed by the state. For example, a person in Oregon over the age of 21 can possess one ounce of what is known as usable cannabis in a public place. The same person could have 72 ounces of cannabis in liquid form or 16 ounces of cannabis in solid form. The laws will get more complex when it comes to the use of the product for medical purposes, and the consumer should check to get the specifics of the law. Those who are in the area and able to purchase it can go to an ontario oregon dispensary off Exit 374 where they will have access to the various products at the farm and the dispensary.


When customers want to purchase CBD or THC in Oregon, the farm there ensures that their products are exposed to sunlight and they only use organic growing practices. This will ensure the customers that they are not getting anything foreign or synthetic in their bodies when they are using the product. The various forms of the product that consumers can get are edibles, topical solutions, concentrates, vaporizers, tinctures, pre-rolls, and even flowers. However they use the product, consumers should ensure that they stay in legal compliance with the law to avoid any complications. If the product is actually for medicinal purposes, the consumers should make sure they have the proper paperwork from their medical providers and that the documentation has been properly filed with the agencies that need to know.

Many businesses have opened up that offer CBD products, but the buyer should beware, as a lot of these products are inferior and may actually harm the consumer. Consumers should stick with those places that only offer natural products and then ensure that the CBD or THC products are of high quality. Burnt River Farms is located in Ontario, Oregon, and ensures that the cannabis products offered are of high quality and have been organically cultured. The farm’s dispensary ensures that all of the staff members are adequately knowledgeable about the products that are being offered to consumers and the public at large.