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Weed Hangovers and How to Stop Them

Image of marijuana and smoked joint on a white background. Weed hangovers are a real thing and they can be as bad as traditional hangovers, if not worse. So if you're a marijuana user, it's important to know the signs and how to prevent them. Marijuana users know all too well about the dreaded weed hangover. The physical effects of a weed hangover can leave you feeling exhausted, nauseous, dizzy, and even anxious. Plus, you may experience impaired cognitive functioning and short-term memory loss that can last for days! Say goodbye to weed hangovers with Burnt River Farms' What is a Weed Hangover and How to Stop It guide. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the causes of weed hangovers, how to prevent them, and what kind of remedies can help get rid of them quickly.

Most people know that drinking too much alcohol can leave you with a nasty hangover. But did you know that it’s also possible to experience a weed hangover? Cannabis has a considerably different impact on the human body in comparison to alcohol. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t leave a lasting impact on some people.

At Burnt River Farms, your premier cannabis dispensary in Ontario, Oregon, we’re here to clear up some questions regarding cannabis hangovers. We’ll cover what causes the hangover, what they feel like, what you can do to prevent them, and what to do if you get a marijuana hangover.

Do Cannabis Hangovers Really Exist?

Before we get started, it’s important to understand the concept of a cannabis hangover. Most studies show that marijuana doesn’t have enough of a lasting effect to directly cause a hangover, at least not in the traditional sense. A weed hangover is fundamentally different than the type of hangover you might experience after a night of heavy drinking. However, if you ask a handful of cannabis users, you’re likely to find at least one person who has experienced one or more weed hangovers as a result of overconsumption.

What is a Cannabis Hangover?

Too much cannabis can have negative consequences. This tends to happen when you consume more cannabis than your body is able to metabolize efficiently or in a timely manner. In the case of a cannabis hangover, this generally means that you can experience hangover effects the following day. This could be anything from a lingering high, to brain fog, to feeling groggy and run down. If you’ve consumed copious amounts of cannabis and then wake up feeling like you may have overdone it, then chances are that you have a marijuana hangover.

Treating Your Weed Hangover Symptoms

A lot of your cannabis hangover symptoms may be similar to what you would experience after binge drinking. Symptoms include:

Typically, these lingering effects go away on their own after a few hours. However, there are a few things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms in the meantime.

  1. Take a nap. Sometimes getting a little extra sleep can help your body recover more quickly.
  2. Drink plenty of water to help combat dehydration as well as cottonmouth.
  3. Take a shower. A hot or cold shower can help wake your body up and help you feel refreshed.
  4. Go for a walk. Exercise helps increase heart rate to help you feel more alert.
  5. Eat something. A healthy meal or snack can help your body recover.
  6. Drink caffeine. A cup of coffee or an energy drink can help give you a much-needed boost.

These tips should help you get back on your feet and ready to take on your day.

Is My Hangover from Weed or Alcohol?

Cannabis hangovers and alcohol hangovers can be quite similar. So, if you consume both, how do you know which one is causing your hangover? The truth is that you can’t. In fact, it may be the combination of the two that’s causing your hangover symptoms. This is one reason why we don’t recommend mixing alcohol and cannabis. Doing so can compound the effects of both and lead to you feeling much worse. In addition, using the two together can enhance the depressant effects of both. This combination can result in dangerous side effects and behavior.

It’s our professional opinion that you should not use weed and alcohol together. Instead, speak with a qualified Burnt River Farms budtender and let them know what kind of cannabis experience you’re looking for. They’ll be able to guide you to a product or strain that will meet your needs.

Avoiding Marijuana Hangovers

The best hangover is the one that never happens. So how can you avoid getting a marijuana hangover?

One of the best ways to spare yourself from hangover symptoms is to be mindful of cannabis products, strains, dosage, and your own limitations. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to cannabis or if you’re an experienced user. Whenever you try a new product or strain, it’s best to start slow, then grow. This approach allows you to see how your body will respond to the new cannabis strain or product. From there, you can ramp up bit by bit until you find your ideal experience.

Another benefit of ramping up slowly is that you can build up your tolerance levels. This will open up the door to other products and strains.

If you are new to cannabis, then pre-rolls are a great way to monitor your usage and not go overboard.

Our Burnt River Farms budtenders are always here to discuss our products and strains with our customers. We want you to have an enjoyable experience. Our team is here to help answer your questions and help you make educated decisions about what you want to try next.

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