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Cannabis Edibles Frequently Asked Questions

Image of Marijuana - Cannabis - Medicinal Edibles - Coconut Brownies. With so many cannabis edibles on the market, how do you know which ones are right for you? It can be hard to find reliable information about edibles and their effects. Are you looking to add cannabis edibles into your life but don't know where to begin? Are you concerned about the unknown effects of edibles? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to navigate through all of the available options? Burnt River Farms is here to help! Our Cannabis Edibles FAQs provide reliable information on various types of edibles, their effects, and how they should be consumed. Get the answers you need from Burnt River Farms and confidently explore the world of cannabis edibles!

Edibles are a great option for those who like consuming cannabis but don’t want to smoke it. They are becoming more popular, especially as sweet treats. However, before ingesting them, it’s important to know about their benefits and drawbacks, the concentration of chemical compounds they contain, and more. Burnt River Farms is here to answer all your questions about cannabis edibles, so you’re better equipped to make an informed decision about which products you want to try.

Common Questions About Marijuana Edibles

Weed edibles have a variety of options, such as fruit-flavored chewables, chocolates, brownies, and even beverages. If you’re a first-time consumer of edibles, or if you just want to learn more about what’s out there, you might have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about cannabis edibles.

What Edibles Are Good for Beginners?

Choosing the right type of cannabis edible as a beginner depends on your desired effects. If you want to sleep better, Indicas are a good choice, whereas Sativas are better for uplifting and stimulating effects.

Edibles offer precise dosing, making it easy to control the amount you consume. You can cut 10mg soft chew gummies or chocolates in half to achieve two 5 mg doses, which is perfect for people who are trying cannabis edibles for the first time.

What Dosage is Best for Beginners?

For those who are new to THC or CBD, we suggest starting with a dose of 5mg or less. It’s safer to begin with as small a dose as you can, wait for two to four hours, and consume another 5mg dose if you don’t feel the desired effects with the first one.

It is fortunate that cannabis edibles usually have standard dosages of 5 or 10 mg THC, which makes preparing a 5 mg dose very simple. If your product is in the common 10 mg amount, you can create two 5 mg doses by breaking or cutting it in half. If the product you choose already has 5 mg increments, you can simply eat it as is.

Those who are new to cannabis may want to try THC micro-dosing products as a way to ease into it. These products come in capsule, tablet, or lozenge form and have low doses of THC, sometimes as small as 2.5mg or 1mg per unit. Some products also have CBD in a 1:1 ratio, which can help counteract THC’s psychoactive effects and provide its own therapeutic benefits. These options are different from traditional edibles that are often associated with cannabis.

Please note that the impact of cannabis edibles and the appropriate dosage amount may differ among individuals because of various factors such as:

To find your ideal dosage for edible cannabis, it’s best to start with a small amount and gradually increase the dosage in milligrams. By doing so, you can determine the right dosage for you with just a few tries. Keeping a record of your results can assist you greatly. If you start using edible cannabis on a regular basis for therapeutic reasons, you may have to raise your dosage over time.

Can You Overdose on Edibles?

Marijuana edibles cannot cause an overdose and are considered safe. However, if someone experiences severe effects from edibles, it is likely due to consuming products with high levels of THC or CBD or having a low tolerance level for these substances. THC is the primary psychoactive component of cannabis and produces the feeling of being “high.”

How Long Do You Stay Stoned After Edibles?

The effects of cannabis can vary from person to person. Although there is a lot of helpful general knowledge available about consuming cannabis edibles, your own experience will ultimately be distinct.

The effects of edibles tend to last longer than smoking cannabis, usually 6 to 8 hours. They can be very powerful and long-lasting for the average user. Please keep in mind that it takes longer for the effects of edibles to kick in, even though the high lasts longer. If you’re not using fast-acting edibles, you’ll have to wait to feel the effects of your dose.

How are the Effects of Edibles Different from Smoking?

Cannabis smoking leads to quicker effects, but consuming edibles results in slower and longer-lasting effects. It may take up to four hours before you experience the full effects of edibles. However, when compared to smoking, edibles have a lower risk of causing lung irritation. Moreover, they have a less potent aroma than you’d experience when smoking.

Which Cannabis Is Best for Edibles: Sativa or Indica?

The choice of edibles depends on what you’re looking for. For a more energizing experience, you should go for edibles that contain Sativa. On the other hand, if you want to relax, sleep or feel sedated, then consider edibles with Indica strains.

A fun fact about edibles is that the difference between them depends on the terpenes present. For instance, Sativa strains contain high amounts of limonene, which is an uplifting terpene, and that’s why they are considered energizing.

How Much CBD Or THC You Are Consuming with Edibles?

The concentration of THC and CBD in the edible you are consuming depends on its type. If it is a store-bought edible, you can find the exact concentration mentioned on the packaging label, expressed as a percentage. Major companies manufacturing edibles usually test their products at least three times to determine this value.

What are the Benefits of Eating or Drinking Cannabis-Infused Products?

Consuming cannabis-infused edibles has multiple benefits, with the main three being:

  1. Longer-lasting effects: Eating or drinking cannabis-infused products provide longer-lasting effects in comparison to smoking weed. This tends to be especially beneficial for individuals who use cannabis for medical reasons.
  2. Higher concentrations of THC or CBD: Edibles are a great way to get a consistent, higher concentration of CBD or THC. While some cannabis strains may vary in THC and CBD levels, with edibles you can rest easy knowing what you’re getting with each dose.
  3. No smell: Typically, the only time edibles smell is during the production process when the THC or CBD is heated for extraction. Otherwise, users don’t have to worry about smelling like marijuana.
  4. Better taste: In addition, many people prefer the taste of edibles over the residual taste that other cannabis products leave in their mouths.

What Activities Should I Avoid After Consuming Edibles?

Experts on cannabis strongly recommend refraining from certain activities such as driving, operating complex machinery, or carrying heavy objects while under the influence of edibles.

It is important to follow basic recommendations when choosing cannabis edibles, just as you would for other products that contain drugs. Choose products that you enjoy consuming and start with small doses.

Speak to the Burnt River Farms Cannabis Edibles Experts

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If you prefer to avoid smoking cannabis or are unable to do so because of a medical condition, edibles are a great alternative to consider. Marijuana edibles are a great option for people who are new to using weed.

At Burnt River Farms, we can help you find the perfect edibles that will match your needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always here to assist you with any questions or concerns about cannabis products.

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